Beauty and Struggle


I am thrilled to welcome you to my new website that was put together by Sarah Nelsen of Interwoven Creative. On this site, I will display my personal work that is completed during my time as protege to David Polivka, a renowned furniture maker based in Kansas City, MO. The more I learn about the intensity it takes to run a successful business, while making the products to run said business to boot; I find that it is equal parts adrenaline rush and sheer terror. That being said, I cannot express enough gratitude that I have for the Polivka's for taking me in and giving me support and sharing knowledge that I just could not find in an academic setting, nor other workshops. My family has been incredibly supportive as well, I mean, my grandmother let me set up shop in her two car garage when I first got started. How cool is that!? 

As far as I believe I've come in the last few years, I am also more and more aware of how far I still have yet to go in this lifetime endeavor of becoming a professional designer and maker of furniture. Chaucer said it best, "The lyfe so short, the craft so long to lerne."

It is my intent to create and display work that is both beautiful and functional. That my work will have a life of its own as memories are created around each piece as a part of your life, as well as the generations to come.