Matt’s mission is to build sleek and contemporary furniture that lasts a lifetime. Blending today’s materials with joinery methods straight from the past, he creates pieces that are beautiful, functional and purposeful.

Matt’s interest in built environments started early on, as a young boy biking past abandoned buildings and construction sites in Kansas City’s West Side neighborhood. The vibrant cultures and textures he saw there inspired him to pursue a degree in architecture at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

As KC became a creative boom-town of sorts, Matt saw an opportunity to use his architectural skills in a different way. Combining them with a newfound love of welding, he interned at some of the most inventive metal fabrication firms in the city. All of which led him to his true calling: furniture design.

Enter David Polivka. With more than 40 years under his belt, the master craftsman was known for making some of the best casework and custom pieces in the Midwest. David stuck to his belief that all furniture should be built by hand, using traditional methods as well as locally sourced hardwoods and select veneers.

Recognizing talent and drive when he saw it, David took Matt under his wing, teaching him everything about high-end handcrafted furniture. For the next three years, the duo worked side by side: designing, fabricating and building exceptional pieces in keeping with the esteemed reputation of the Polivka name.

Ever grateful to his mentor, Matt combines all that he learned from David with his own background in architecture. The result is a singular design style that smacks of the past yet feels firmly rooted in the present.